Monday, June 8, 2009

June meeting

We had a wonderful, productive meeting this past week. Highlights (at least, everything I was able to write down) were -
We are up to 97 members, and aiming for 100 by the guild's 10th anniversary in April.

Jane Timmers was in town and brought the pre-stitching kits for the workshop in September. Now for the time to actually do the pre-stitching...

We discussed the possibility of celebrating the 10th anniversary by having a tea at the Dallas Arboretum, and having a special piece by Amy Mitten for the occasion.

We will have a new meeting place for August - Compass Christian Church. I do not have an address at the moment, but will post one as soon as I do.

We had so many finished objects brought to the meeting that they filled 2 tables! I am trying to put some of the pictures I took here - I'm learning on the fly ;-)

The program for the June meeting was a wonderful talk by Anne Tuley on Mountmellick embroidery - just beautiful!

Here's a quick rundown on upcoming meetings -

July - no meeting
August - a talk on the Tudors
September - our annual sale
October - a lecture/slide show on Tennessee Samplers
November - work on the Christmas ornament, designed by Gloria Moore of Milady's Needle
December - Holiday party at Ava Terry's house

That's all for now - please forgive the odd placement of photos; I'll get better, I promise.

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  1. Look's great! Yes, by the time of the post, you weren't sleeping last night. ha!

    CM - Lilstitcher