Saturday, September 4, 2010


My apologies to everyone for the interminably long absence and a thousand thank yous for your patience. . .Shall we pick up where we left off???

Once again, we had tons of beautiful finishes to share at the May meeting:
Kathy B. - Halloween Spot Sampler - Drawn Thread:Laurie B. - TRSG 10th Anniversary Tin and Fob - Milady's Needle:
Sharon D. - Friends Last - Pine Mountain, the Tie-One-On series
Strawberry Fields Needlecase - Margaret Light (2004 Inspirations, Issue 43)
Glen Eagle (square one) - Jean Hilton:
Denise D. - Free ABC chart - Tokens & Trifles:
Debbie G. - Three Emblems Biscornu - Papillion Creations
Florentine Needlecase - Sue Kerndt, Caron Collection:
Jennifer M. - TRSG 10th Anniversary Tin - Milady's Needle:
Lynn M. - Tudor Knot Pincushion, Sweet Bag, Tape Measure Cloak, Needlebook, and Scissor Case & Fob - Nostalgic Needle
Autopsy of the Montenegrin Stitch - Amy Mitten
Scream House - Just Nan:
Marie Z. - Diminutive Sewing Set - Merry Cox:
Ava T. requested that guild members wear TRSG nametags to the meetings and announced a special drawing next month for those who comply.

Lynn E. brought a guest - Charlotte C., and as of today, the guild boasts 102 members!

Michelle L. handed out corrections for the Amy Mitten workshops and reported that she was slowly receiving information from Jackie DuPlessis regarding the upcoming Carried Away (Saturday, 9/18) and Lady Jane's Garden (Sunday, 9/19) workshops.

There is a possibility that next year we may be able to join with DTG to bring Sherri Jones, of Patrick Woods, for a workshop.

Stay tuned next month for the Secret Stitcher reveal at the June 1 guild meeting, plus progress reports on the MAGIC projects. And one last item: please pay Marie Z. for Tudor Rose scissors that have been ordered on your behalf.

The presentation this month was given by Gloria Moore, who spoke about the birth of her design business, Milady's Needle. She shared her thoughts on what it is like to be a needlework designer in the current economy, the process of designing, and the challenges facing a designer. One of the greatest challenges facing designers is Copyright Infringement and she clarified those things a stitcher can do with a pattern under current copyright law. A lively discussion followed her presentation.

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  1. Thank you so much for updating the blog. I always love to see what is going on with the guild and all the lovely finishes.