Friday, March 26, 2010

Mrs. Peacock - in the Library - with the Candlestick. . .

What a phenomenal success the Tudor Rose 10th Anniversary Sampler Workshop with Amy Mitten, Fibers to Dye For, turned out to be on March 6th & 7th!! None of us knew quite what to expect before arriving, but Amy presented the workshop as a "murder mystery" in 10 installments, introducing a new section of the sampler with each new story tidbit. We enjoyed a wonderful 2 days as we soaked up Amy's creativity and artistry. As you can see from the pictures, everyone worked diligently on his/her sampler. . .
At the end of the 10th installment, Amy provided a sealed envelope in each participant's folder, revealing the identity of the needleworking criminal. What fun!!

The sampler is beautiful, and incorporates many specialty stitches, along with some 3-D surface stitching to be attached to the sampler separately. For those who participated in the workshop, I took some incredibly close-up pictures that may help you as you work on your project. If you need to see some of these photos, contact me by email or leave a comment.
We all had such a great time and enjoyed everything about the workshop. . .we hope you will come back to Texas, Amy. Thank you!!

Amy's other designs may be seen below, in the previous post, or at one of these websites: Traditional Stitches; Wyndham Needleworks. . .

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh, so much to see. . .

The March guild meeting was very busy. . .Lot's of stitchers brought finished works to show. . .

Kathy B. – 2009 Breast Cancer Awareness project: A Little This & That - Elegant Stitch
Mendie C. – Brazilian Embroidery design of her own creation
Robert H. - Sarah Woodham - Shakespeare's Peddler
Words Alone - Long Dog Samplers
1707 JCS German Sampler - Scarlet Letter Collection
Karen H. - Dogs Leave Paw Prints - Lizzie Kate
Catherine's Armchair Pinkeep - Indigo Rose
Love Grows - Stone & Thread
Deanne S. - Stockings (bones) - Prairie Schooler
Liberty and Justice - Little House Needleworks
Nancy K. - Dutch Strawberries - The Goode Huswife
Cody M. - Rhapsody in Red, Part II - Sampler Cove
Michelle L. - a pendant from Quaker Pendants I - Milady's Needle
Mele Kalikimaka - Monster Bubbles

Gloria M. received her stitched piece from her Secret Stitcher:
Brite Birds - Barrick Samplers

Our very own Gloria Moore, of Milady's Needle, brought her 2010 Nashville Market designs to show. Here are a few pictures and you can see more at her blog: Milady's Needle

Betty H. reminded us all that she would be selling items at a booth in the Dallas Quilt Show on March 13th & 13th - Booth 185 & 186 to be exact. . .

The Jackie du Plessis workshop is scheduled for September 18th & 19th; looks like we will be stitching Carried Away and Lady Jane's Garden:

You can see more of Jackie's pieces at her website: It's Fine-ally Finished

Jennifer asked that anyone needing a name tag kit, contact her. If you need her contact info, email me here on the blog and I will forward your information to Jennifer.

Sharon passed out handouts for a stitching retreat in February of 2011. If you are interested and need more information, contact me here at the blog and I will forward your information to Sharon.

We had one new member - Pat B. and one visitor - Cathy K.

Amy Mitten, Fibers to Dye For, was in town for her presentation to guild of the Tudor Rose 10th Anniversary Sampler Workshop - March 6th & 7th. While she was here, she came to the monthly meeting to present a program entitled "New Year's Gifts for a Queen". She had many beautiful slides to show of sweet bags used in giving gifts to the queen as well as those used by the queen to bestow gifts to others. Amy is an extremely talented designer and we are very fortunate that she has designed a "mystery" sampler for the 10th anniversary of the guild. The workshop promises to be a real treat for all who attend. Her other designs may be seen here: Wyndham Needleworks or here: Traditional Stitches