Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stacy Nash Workshop

The Stacy Nash workshop was well attended and deemed a success! Stacy brought a number of finished pieces to show. . .
as well as numerous kits of her other designs. . .
Stacy was extremely "laid back" and personable in her teaching style and by the end of the weekend, we all felt like we had made a new friend. We look forward to working with her again.

We stitched and stitched on pin drums, to reach a point of stuffing. . .
Once we finished the stitching portion of the pin drum, we were ready to stuff, stuff, and stuff some more - what a mess! Just when you thought you couldn't get anymore sawdust in that opening, Stacy would compact your pin drum and Voila!  you could add another inch. . .
Once the pin drum was completely stitched and stuffed, it was ready for aging, using the walnut crystal mix Stacy provided. See Robert H's demonstration:
Some of our members were able to stitch on the sewing roll companion to the pin drum by the second day of the workshop, but it seems most of us would be finishing our pieces at home. . .still another wonderful workshop!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Better Late Than Never. . .

Since the February meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather, Stephanie H. apprised us of adjustments to the program schedule. The Button Lanyard will be taught by Sherry H. at the May meeting, and Jennifer M. will teach the stumpwork Caterpillar at the June meeting.

Dee B. announced that the Stacy Nash kits had been mailed and reminded all that the workshop was still scheduled for the 12th & 13th at the Keller Police Station. The Patrick's Woods "Ring O'Roses" workshop is still scheduled for September.

Michelle L. brought a guest, Sherry, to tonight's meeting. Current guild membership is 110 and we have plenty of $ in the bank!!

Tonight the drawing was held for the Ann Trump reproduction sampler. Katherine P. won the sampler, the prize for the most tickets sold, and the prize for selling the winning ticket. Congratulations, Katherine! Way to go!!

March Show & Tell:
Pam C. - Echoes of Elizabeth Needlecase (green)- Gay Ann Rogers
Traveling Stitcher - Little House Needleworks:
Sharon D. - Echoes of Elizabeth Needlecase (red) - Gay Ann Rogers:
Barbie D. - Rites of Spring - Blackbird Designs
Love - SamSarah Designs:
Lynn E. - Shepherd's Retreat Sewing Case - Merry Cox
Tend Thy Sheep - Merry Cox
A Christmas Wish - Blue Ribbon Designs
My Country Biscornu pin cushion - Fancy Work (Jane Timmers)
Sampler Noel - Fancy Work (Jane Timmers):
Karen H. - Traveling Stitcher - Little House Needleworks:
Robert H. - Jane Atkinson - Scarlet Letter
James Wilson - Haslemere Educational Museum:
Nancy K. - Farm Fresh, Just Hatched - Prairie Schooler:
Michelle L. - Holly Wool Applique biscornu (TRSG Annual Ornament 2008) - Laurie Brady
Be Mine Stocking - Blackbird Designs (Love is in the Air)
Camille - The Sampler Girl
2000 Years Ago Ornament series - Shepherd's Bush:
Vicky N. - Lady Liberty - Judy Strite;
Gobble Couple - George & Martha Gobbleton - AuryTm:
Sherry S. - Elizabeth, Reed, Sadie Stockings - Shepherd's Bush:
Chessie's Fern Pincushion &Fob - Chessie 'n Me :
Ava T. - L'Marquoir de Laurentine - des Fils et une aiguille: