Sunday, October 30, 2011

Five Little Pumpkins. . .

Jennifer M. began the meeting by reminding everyone that we would be electing new officers next month. She is willing to serve again as president and Jean N. is willing to serve as secretary, but we still need volunteers for some positions.

Kim L. is the new 2012 Program Chair. Mary D. talked to Linda Lautenschlager of Chessie n Me about teaching her Nancy Rensella sampler on Saturday/Sunday, October 20/21.

The 14th-16th is the stash sale at the Stitch Niche for Kathy Barnett.

And speaking of Christmas, Stephanie H. announced that Denise D. is designing the 2011 TRSG Christmas ornament, Jean N. offered her home for the Christmas party, and there is a sign up sheet tonight for side dishes - the guild will provide the meat.

Betty H. presented the program tonight, showing us how to make the cutest wool roving Pumpkin Pincushions!
October's Show & Tell:
Sharon D. - Hare Pyns - Patricks Woods:
Stephanie H. - Britty Kitty- Brittercup Designs
Fall Freebie - Homespun Elegance:
Lynn M. - Tidewater Sampler Bag - Moss Creek Designs
Gathering Acorns - With Thy Needle & Thread
Remember Me - BlackBird Designs
Spring Biscornu - ????:
Jennifer M. - Hare Pyns - Patricks Woods:
Jean N. - Dear Friend - Blackbird Designs:
Sue S. - Country Stitches Mystery Sampler - With Thy Needle & Thread:
Anne - Northanger Abbey Sampler - The Sampler Girl:
Sherry S. - Imagine - SamSarah Designs
Sweet Land - Shepherd's Bush:

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