Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pretty Pinkeeps

For the March program Marie Z. led us through making a small pin keep - no stitching required!  The little padded pinkeeps are made from images printed onto fabric and backed with silk.  A narrow ribbon covers the edges.  Some members chose to send Marie their own images to use, while others happily chose from the selection of images from vintage advertising cards Marie had on hand at the February meeting. 

The guild covered the cost of the materials for the pinkeeps and everyone had a great time assembling their pinkeeps.  Take a look...

So much fun!  And it was fun to see all the different images everyone selected.  Plus, we were all able to go home with a finished project!

And now for something completely different...ahem...Show and Tell:

Lookee here - that stinker Robert has already finished all the stitching on his Friesland Winders' Keeper for the Amy Mitten SAL.  Gorgeous!!

Jennifer M. finished this amazing piece.  I love how it's finished with the little tassels on the corners.  This is Il Punto Assisi by Raffaella Bartolucci Cesaretti.

This one you really need to see in person - It's beautiful.  This is Scott Lee by Jean Hilton, stitched by Lynn M.

This is Celtic Sampler by Darleen O'Steen stitched by Lynn M.

This is Splendor III by Maureen Appleton stitched by Lynn M.

Take Time to Stitch by Jeannette Douglas stitched by Debbie G.

Another finish by Robert.  This is Lone Star by Kathy F., it's a Greater Dallas EGA program piece. 

You may recall a few months ago Mary brought in her finished stitching on this piece?  Well, it's since been framed by the fabulous Jill Rensel and look how gorgeous it is!

This is Betsy Ross by Kreinik, by the way.

Folk Eggs by Prairie Schooler stitched over one by Katherine

This sweet piece is a Les Grilles de Maryse freebie "Le temps des cerises", stitched over 1 by Nancy K.

These are adorable, love the way they're finished!  Three are from Farm Fresh by Prairie Schooler and the one with the grey bunny is from Just Hatched by Prairie Schooler.  Stitched by Nancy K.

This one is amazing!  Tend Thy Sheep by Merry Cox.  This is Sharon D's.  Isn't it amazing.  I love love love those little sheep!  And what a gorgeous Shaker box and accessories.

In April, our program will be a talk by Debbie G. on Sumptuary Laws (laws put in place in history which regulated what people could or could not wear based on social and economic status).  So, be sure to wear your finest for our next meeting!

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