Sunday, September 29, 2013

30 days hath September. . .

. . .and I almost let all of them slip away before I got this blog post up; how pathetic is that?

In Ann W.'s absence, Lynn E. reminded everyone of the Catherine Theron 2-day workshop coming up in November.  The deadline to sign up is September 15.

We have some great teaching opportunities coming up in the next 18 months. . .
Linda Lautenschlager, of Chessie and Me, is coming to teach in Spring 2014.  Dames of the Needle may teach a workshop in Fall 2014, and Ellen Chester, of With My Needle, will teach in Spring 2015.  How about that for an all-star line-up!

Marie Z. reminded everyone about upcoming programs:
October - Cyndi S. & Debbie G. teach the design and construction of the 2013 Tudor Rose Holiday Ornament
November - dedicated time to stitch on the Tudor Rose Sampler SAL, as well as the 2013 Holiday Ornament
 December - Holiday Party at Grace Presbytery

At the September meeting, Pam C. demonstrated how to embellish the crochet trim for small projects such as a pincushion.  Members brought a stitched, finished pincushion, to which they added button trim.

We had great participation in Show & Tell:
Vivian A. - It is Well with My Soul - My Big Toe;
Liberty Eagle - Blackbird Designs;
Crows at Strawberry Hill - Pinkeep - With Thy Needle:
Laurie B. - Needleworker - Little House Needleworks;
Christmas at Hollyberry Farm - Stacy Nash;
Crowned Bird Pincushion & Strawberries - Plum Street Sampler:
Mendie C. - Needles & Pins - Sunflower Seed:
Lynn E. - Basket of Memories - Blackbird Designs:
Robert H. - Matilda Driver - Heart’s Content;
Heavenly Paradise - C. Street Samplerworks:
Lori J. - Basket of Memories - Blackbird Designs;
Bluebird Pincushion- Blackbird Designs:
Vicki N. - Barefoot Angel Quilt - Curtis Boehringer;
Crowned Bird Mini Sampler Tray & Strawberry - Plum Street Samplers:
Sue S. - Friends Gather - The Trilogy:
Ava T. - Heart & House Sampler Pincushion - Little House Needleworks:
Marie Z. - Isabella Cook 1836 Reproduction - The Essamplaire;
Witch Pumpkin? - With Thy Needle and Thread;
Patriotic Stitch Book - Chessie and Me;
Milady’s Acorn Box - Milady’s Needle;
Bluebird Pincushion - Blackbird Designs:

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