Saturday, August 31, 2013

I stitch, therefore, I stash. . .

We held our annual Stash Sale in August, and as usual, there were some awesome deals to be had!  It is such fun when everyone cleans out drawers, cabinets, and closets and brings their treasures to sell at bargain basement prices.  Every year I say I'm not going to shop - I already have a surplus of "stash" - and every year, I leave with a bag of goodies. . .Besides, it's such a good cause, as 10% of the proceeds go back to the guild. . .

Anne W. reported on workshops:  Three additional members need to sign up for the Catherine Theron workshop in November, in order for it to "make".  The "Chessie & Me" workshop in the Spring of 2014, will require some pre-stitching.  As of yet, there is nothing scheduled for the Fall of 2014; Dames of the Needle may be a possibility. . .and Ellen Chester of With My Needle, will teach in April of 2015.

Show and Tell: Cyndi S. - ? - ?:

Katherine P. - Glory Fob - Shepherd's Bush:
Debbie G. - The Queen's Maids - Catkin Embroidery Designs:
Cody M. - Flower Boxes - The Drawn Thread :
Sherry S. - Celtic Friends- Jeannette Douglas Designs :

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