Saturday, May 31, 2014

Needlework Tools and Treasures

 Join us for our next meeting on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, at 7:00 p.m., when we will learn how to make a thread waxer using buttons and beeswax.  Waxers were originally kept in sewing boxes to 'wax' linen thread so that the thread passed easily through fabric.  Please bring two matching, shank buttons measuring no smaller than 5/8" up to 1-1/4".  
Your buttons can be new or antique.  
All other materials will be provided.  

If you are interested in coming to a meeting or joining the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild, please drop us a note through the e-mail button above and we will be in touch with you.    

When you stitch, what essential items do that you like to have at your disposal for completing your project?  During our May 6, 2014 meeting, TRSG members answered that question when they shared must haves for stitching along with treasured collection pieces related to needlework.  Some of the items of importance were stilettos, clamps, tweezers, scissors, hoops, q-snaps, and magnets.  One of our members has her own version of a chatelaine on which she wrangles a few different types of scissors, threaders, tweezers and 
other items for her stitching.    

One of our members pointed out an obvious tool needed for needlework and we cannot stitch without this tool.  Its your Needle, but there is more to it than using any old needle.  She pointed out that the quality of your needle makes a huge difference in the ease of your stitching.  Have you noticed a difference in the quality of your needles?  There is a very good reason for this.  Although they were sold under separate names, at least three brands of needles were manufactured in the same factory in England.  The factory has now been shuttered and those needles are now made in China, but are inspected in England before they are sold.  Our member's recommended brand needles of choice are those manufactured by Bohin in France.  Although I usually prefer stitching with petite length needles (Bohin does not make petites), I decided to give the Bohin needles a try.  I am hooked!  They are very lovely needles for stitching.  They slide nicely through the fabric and the needle eyes are very smooth.  I will definitely be purchasing more of them (and I will keep my 
fingers crossed for petites too).  
You should really give them a try.  

Along with sharing our important items for our stitching boxes, members shared their collectible pieces.  One of our members shared her collection of items connected to England's Royal Family including thimbles and lace bobbins commemorating special events.  Another member shared an antique pincushion that was treasured by a family member.  Another member shared her antique Lucet collection.  As you can see it is quite lovely.    
Now take a look at what our TRSG members 
have accomplished this month:
Lynn E. - A Token of Friendship
Needlework Press
Robert H. - Mary Beale Sampler
Cyndi S. - Rose Window
Mary Hickmott
The photos do not do this piece justice - 
truly looks like a stained glass window.
Cyndi S. - Alphabet
Designer Unknown
Cyndi S. - Afford Your Passions
The Heart's Content
Cyndi S. - Faith
Erica Michaels
Debbie G. - Crown House
Designer Unknown
Debbie G. - Too Tiny
The Drawn Thread
Debbie G. - Cup of Tea
Pine Mountain Designs
Debbie G. - Red Flowers Sampler
Threads Through Time
Stitched on 40 ct. silk gauze - Wow!
Debbie G. - ABC Tea
Designer Unknown
Debbie G. - Necessities
Little House Needleworks
Mendie C. - Quilt Sampler No. 4
JDR Brazilian Elegance
Mendie C. - Quilt Sampler No.1
JDR Brazilian Elegance
Karen H. - Rhapsody in Blue
Jackie du Plessis - A Shining Needle 
Work Society Workshop
Finishing by Betty H.
Sharon D. - Tree of Life Ornament
Betsy Morgan
Sharon D. - Fandango Flower 
Necklace - Kelly Wiese
Judy M. - SCR Fiesta Scissor Fob
SCR/Sharon Davis
Kim L. - Snotty Stitcher's Society 
Barbara Ana Designs
Jennifer M. - Winter Casket 
Collection - Amy Mitten Designs

Our members are so very talented 
and create such beautiful treasures!

Stitch your stress away.  ~Author Unknown

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