Sunday, August 31, 2014

“It’s summer and time for wandering…”

We had such a lovely beginning to summer in North Central Texas.  Usually by June, we are already getting close to what resembles mid-August temperatures for the rest of the United States.  However, this year, we received the wonderful blessing of lower temperatures and blissful rain showers (we need every drop too).  For my part, this meant more time outside instead of stitching.  This would definitely factor in the lateness of a post on our June Tudor Rose meeting - flog me with a wet noodle I guess, because I was definitely enjoying the outside world.  Without further delay, let me fill you in on the happenings at the June Tudor Rose meeting.  

A Very Brief Summary on 
Making a Beeswax Thread Waxer
Our Guild was treated to a wonderful presentation by our very own, Maria Z. on how to make a Beeswax Thread Waxer.  After a short discussion on the properties of beeswax and the best ways of softening it, everyone brought out lovely pairs of buttons to craft their waxers.  We carefully proceeded to the waiting crockpot of hot water to soften our beeswax wrapped in saranwrap, being careful not to melt our saranwrap or turn our wax into a puddle.  Our mission was to warm the wax to a soft and pliable state.  After we warmed our wax, we returned to our tables and placed our nice warm wax blobs between our buttons (basically a button-beeswax sandwich) and began working the wax between the buttons, around the the shanks, keeping the buttons parallel to each other until the layer of wax was an even height, and finally we smoothed and rounded out the edges.  We all created lovely little thread waxers, which are handy and personal additions to our stitching collections.  

The lovely aspect of this project is that if you have a piece that you want to add a little accessory to, you can find lovely buttons that go with the theme of your piece and make a separate thread waxer to display with it.  

For a great article on beeswax, check out this blog post on Mary Corbet's Needle 'N Thread Blog- Mind Your Own Beeswax... er, for Needlework.  

Member Show and Tell

Katherine W. - English Carpet
The Heart's Content

Robert H. - Garden Delight and Fob 
Milady's Needle Teaching Piece
Ms. Gloria also completed the 
finishing on this piece for Robert.

 Kim L. - Witch No More 
Blackbird Designs

Kim L. - A Schoolroom Primer
Milady's Needle 

Mendie C. - Monogram Mania
DK Designs
Such lovely Brazilian Embroidery

Mendie C. - Home Sweet Home
Carolyn Pearce
We cannot wait to see this surface embroidered 
house after its construction is completed.

Mendie C. - Sonoma Sunbursts
Carole Lake
I think Mendie enjoyed these little squares - 
the colors sure change the looks of these squares.

Shelly M. - Folkbird Needlebook
Not Forgotten Farm
Finishing by Betty H. 

Lori J. - Colonial Candle Pocket
Plum Street Sampling
Finishing by Betty H.

Doris M. - Song of Summer
Rosewood Manor Mystery Sampler

Doris M. - Colonial Candle Pocket
Plum Street Sampling
Finishing by Betty H.
Lori and Doris must have gone shopping 
together.  Very nice pieces ladies.  

Deanne S. - Bookmarks from a Pine Mountain Design
Ms. Deanne made these precious 
bookmarks for her elementary
students.  What a thoughtful gift.

Betty H. - Motif from Token of 
Love Redwork Sampler 
Pineberry Lane 

 Stephanie Holowak - Creepy Cushion
Shepherd's Bush

Until our next post - our August Meeting (Tudor Rose takes a vacation every July), I hope that your summer has been memorable and productive. 

“Rejoice as summer should…
chase away sorrows by living.” 
Melissa Marr 

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  1. Thanks for posting! I made my own thread-waxer button with buttons I found in an old treadle cabinet. Then I brought it to my young ladies' history group, and they all made one, too!