Monday, November 24, 2014

Being Thankful!

We all, in our own way, have many things 
to be thankful for in our lives.  

During our November Meeting, we were given the task of nominating and electing new TRSG Board Members.  Many thanks are extended to those who have been serving on the TRSG Board, you have done a wonderful job.  I would also like to extend many thanks to those individuals who were elected.  In order for organizations to run smoothly, it takes wonderful people who have given and continue to give of their time and efforts.  
We truly appreciate you!

Next month, we will meet at 6:30 p.m., 
December 2, 2014, for our Annual Ornament Exchange and Holiday Party.  Every year, we see such lovely creations exchanged by our members.  I cannot wait to see what this year brings.  Now, I just have to find the time to do the finishing on my ornament, but thankfully, it is already stitched.  

In January 2015, we will share our M.A.G.I.C. (My Annual Good Intentions Contract) Projects.  What is M.A.G.I.C. you ask?  Every year at the beginning of the year, we look in our stash and find something or a few things that we started on, but got laid aside for other projects.  This is our way of getting us to pull out the long forgotten projects and try to reach the goal of completing them.  How much M.A.G.I.C. have you been able to complete in 2014?  You still have a few more weeks!

We have also selected our 2015 SAL Project.  
Be on the look out in a future blog post 
for photographs and details on 
Catherine Theron's Strawberry Needleroll.  

Also, in April 2015, we will be hosting Ellen Chester of With My Needle.  She has such lovely classes and it will be a treat to learn from her.  
TRSG Show & Tell
I think that many members are thankful for the time to stitch.  As you will see below, our group has been very productive.  Some members already completed their 2014 TRSG Christmas Ornament, which was the focus of our November Meeting.  Thank you Gloria Moore for creating this year's TRSG Christmas Ornament.  The hornbooks 
are a lovely touch with the 2014 TRSG 
inscribed on the back.  
Sherry S. - Happy Owl-O-Ween
Barbara Ana Designs
I am thankful for such a wonderful friend 
and such a lovely birthday gift.  Thank you Sherry!
Lynn E. - Acorn Etui
Diane Clements Workshop
We look forward to seeing this 
piece when its finished.  
Codi M. - Le Marquoir de Madeleine
Reflets de Soie
I am thankful to have this 
project finished and framed!
Robert H. - Jack's Bash
Plum Street Samplers
Robert H. - Plymouth Sampler
The Sampler Company
Would you believe this is 
stitched on 40 count silk gauze!
Robert H. - AED Germany 1746
The Scarlett Letter
Robert H. - Crowned Bird Sampler
Plum Street Samplers
Robert H. - Ann Hull Sampler
Guilia Punti Antichi (Giulia Manfredini)
This Sampler is featured in the 2014 Winter Sampler & Antique Needlework 
Quarterly Magazine.  Robert, 
how do you finish things so quickly?
Not only that, its stitched on 52/60 count linen. 
Robert H. - Ghoul Tidings
Plum Street Sampler
Kim L. - Ho-Ho-Ho!
Primitive Hare Designs
Finishing by Betty H.
Michelle L. - Broken Bow Retreat Sampler
Lori Jennings
Lori J. - The Merry Skater
Little House Needleworks
Finishing by Betty H.
Lori J. - Frosty Flakes 
Little House Needleworks
Finishing by Betty H.
Doris J. M. - 2014 TRSG Christmas Ornament
Milady's Needle
Sherri H. - Flower Tuffet
Carolyn Standing Webb
Sherri H. - Colonial Coverlet Alphabet Book
Carolyn Standing Webb
Sherri H. - 2014 TRSG Christmas Ornament
Milady's Needle
Sherri H. - Falling Flakes
Lori Jennings
Judy M. - Crown Thimble Holder 
(A small from Edinburgh Etui Set)
Willing Hands Designs (Betsy Morgan)
Judy M. - Thistle Needle Case 
(A small from Edinburgh Reticule Set)
Willing Hands Designs (Betsy Morgan)
Cyndi S. - Ghost Inn
Chessie & Me
Cyndi S. - 2014 TRSG Christmas Ornament
Milady's Needle
Cyndi S. - Count Your Blessings
Erica Michaels Needleart Designs
Debbie G. - Seahorse Scissor Fob
The Heart's Content
Debbie G. - Palm Beach Christmas
Princess and Me
Debbie G. - O'Christmas Tree
Cross-Stitch & Needlework Magazine
Debbie G. - Biscornu #165
Les Biscornus des Louison
Debbie G. - Queen Bee
Little House Needleworks

I would also like to recognize, Karen H., a TRSG member whose Catherine Theron Quaker Sewing Roll was pictured in our last post, but I did not have her name.  Way to go Karen. 

“Now and then it’s good to pause 
in our pursuit of happiness 
and just be happy.” 
~ Guillaume Apollinaire

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Holy Smokes - We've Been Busy!

 Catherine Theron’s Travel-Sized Quaker Sewing Roll

The members of TRSG have been very busy!  As you may recall from earlier posts this year, we chose Catherine Theron’s Travel-Sized Quaker Sewing Roll as our 2014 Tudor Rose Sampler Guild Stitch-Along.  Due to Ann W.'s very well organized stitching schedule and lovely incentive gifts from Marie Z, we had fantastic results.  

Here are some of the completed sewing rolls.  I apologize as I do not have the names for all of the stitchers for the pictured sewing rolls.  However, the following individuals did turn in their names (not in the order pictured) to be recognized here on the TRSG Blog: Anne T., Lynn M., Judy M., Debbie M., Vicki N., Kathy S., Ann W., Codi M., Pat M., Holly L., Linda C., Sherry S., and Cyndi S.  Ladies, give yourselves a great big round of applause on your diligence in completing this project.  I am pretty certain that we can all do the Nun Stitch in our sleep!  We hope to see more of the completed sewing rolls from other members in the future. 

 2014 Tudor Rose Sampler Guild 
Christmas Ornament

During our October meeting, we also received our Annual Christmas Ornament Kits.  This year, Gloria Moore of Milady’s Needle, who is also a member of TRSG, is allowing us to use a past design for our annual ornament.  The twist that makes it special for this year is the little hornbooks that have been inscribed with TRSG 2014 on the back.  These little ornaments will be a quick stitch that we will work on completing during our November 4, 2014 meeting. 

Melanie D. Sanford
Textile Preservation Services of Texas

We would like to extend a very large thank you to Melanie D. Sanford, the Chief Conservator and Principal of Textile Preservation Services of Texas (, for joining us at our October TRSG Meeting.  We hope that you will take a moment to look at her website and contact her if you have any projects that need preservation work or if you need information on appraisers who specialize in needlework.

Melanie presented a very educational slide show and discussion on preservation efforts, which included proper handling and storage.  Additionally, she spoke on the effects of pollution, temperature, humidity, insects, and light and how these can cause degradation to textile pieces.  She also shared photos of her work pieces in which she has worked to preserve important textile pieces, including gowns worn by the First Ladies of Texas as well as a late 19th century quilt sewn by Emma Dewey Miller, a Dallas pioneer and is featured at the Dallas Heritage Village.

TRSG Member Show and Tell
That’s not all folks, our stitches have been 
busy on other projects – check out their work:

Mendie C. – Window Box
Mary Kurbis
Mendie C. – Sharon, Amy & Friends
Evelyn DeVries
Mendie’s Brazilian Embroidery 
is absolutely beautiful.
Cyndi S. – White Rose
Mystic Stitch
I truly am in awe of Cyndi for stitching 
this piece on 40 ct. silk gauze.
Cyndi S. – Joy
Marion Scoular
This lovely blackwork piece 
was stitched for Joy C.
Holly L. – A Tree for Thee
Elizabeth’s Garden
Deanne S. – Mary Gibson 1824
Mary Gibson
This is a wonderful reproduction sampler that 
Deanne got from the Haslemere Museum Shop ( in the United Kingdom and it is available 
as a downloadable pattern.
Katherine W. – Autumn Jewels
Diane Clements
Stephanie H. – A Welcoming Sampler
The Sweetheart Tree
Stephanie did a wonderful job adapting this 
pattern for a 50th Wedding Anniversary gift.
Dana C. – Historical Sampler Mini-Stocking
This mini-stocking was designed by our very 
own member, Linda Cox, for a guild project.
Mary B. – Double Diamond Quilt
English Paper-Pieced Hexagons
Folks, this photograph only shows a small portion 
of this quilt!  It is absolutely gorgeous. 
Well done, Mary.
Shelly M. – Her Majesty Pin Cushion
Blackbird Designs
Finishing by Betty H.
Shelly M. – Liberty House
Chessie and Me
Finishing by Betty H.
Shelly M. – Country Sampler 
Heart Pin Keep
Stacy Nash Primitives
Finishing by Betty H.
Shelly M. – Sweet Liberty
Heartstring Samplery
Finishing by Betty H.
Vivian A. – Harvest Time
Aury TM
Vivian A. – Jack’s House
Stacy Nash Primitives
 Vivian A. – (October 31) Jack
Threadwork Primitives
Kim L. – Joy Ornament
Little House Needleworks
Finishing by Betty H.
Kim L. – Owl, Witch, Skeleton 
and Cat Ornaments
The Prairie Schooler
Finishing by Betty H.
Kim L. – Halloween Sampler Ornament
Homespun Elegance
Finishing by Betty H.
Kim L. – Rotted But Not Forgotted Ornament
Plum Street Samplers
Finishing by Betty H.
Kim, I’m sensing a theme here – I love it.
Debbie H. – Snooty Parrots Sampler
Barbara Ana Designs
Judy M. – Crown Sampler
Paulette Stewart
This piece designed for the TRSG 
February 2013 workshop with Paulette.
Judy M. – Beaded Music Box
Cindy Hambrick
This piece is stunning and plays lovely music too!
Judy M. – Glitzy Stitches
Fern Ridge Collections
I love this beaded stork scissor fob.
Judy M. – O’Christmas Tree
The Prairie Schooler
Michelle L. – Emily’s Sewing Case
Stacy Nash Primitives
Michelle L. – Emily’s Pin Keep Drum
Stacy Nash Primitives
These designs were from the TRSG 
Stacy Nash Primitives workshop.
Michelle L. – A Miniature Sewing Tray
Plum Street Samplers
This design is from the TRSG Plum 
Street Samplers workshop.
Ava T. – Patterned Pretties #6
Jeannette Douglas Designs

Yes, the TRSG members have been very busy lately.  Our next meeting will be on December 2, 2014, when we will have our annual Christmas Party and Ornament Exchange.  The meeting will be in our normal location at Presbyterian Mission Center, 6100 Colwell Boulevard, Irving, Texas.  If you would like to join us, drop us an e-mail through the button above and TRSG Board Member will be in touch with you about how to get through the door.  

“The reward of a thing well done, 
is to have done it.”
  Ralph Waldo Emerson