Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Has Arrived In All Its Glory

Wow, has it been two months since the last post.  Our last post was delayed due to a meeting cancellation, but this absence is due to Spring!  Its that time of year when personal obligations (or I should say high school softball and I know the next two years are going to fly by) keeps me very busy and thus, no extra time.  I think it has been two weeks since I picked up a needle!  Seriously, I need some stitching time.  But first, I must attend to the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild Blog so you can see all of the lovely projects that our members have completed and bring you up to date on everything that has been taking place.  So in the interest of time, I am going to combine the show and tell for our March and April meetings in one post.

For those of you who do not live in Texas, you are missing a very wet spring.  Our lakes and ponds are filling up, our flowers are absolutely gorgeous and the grass and the trees are struck in luscious hues of green.  We will enjoy it until the heat strikes, but so far the temperatures have been perfect.  Definitely a
favorite time of year.     


During our March Meeting, our very talented Program Assistant, Debbie G., taught our members different ways to create beaded edges as a finishing technique.  The options were wonderful and easier than they look.

Show and Tell

Codi M. - America
Little House Needleworks
 Codi M. - Baby Its Cold Outside
Heartstring Samplery
Sherry S. - Lady Bug Cottage
Elizabeth's Needlework Designs
Mendie C. - Beaded Pincushion
Designer Unknown
Mendie C. - Boxed Heart
Carole Lake
Mendie C. - Winter Roses
Cate Grundy - Brazilian Embroidery
Mendie C. - Heart Pinkeep
Mendie C.
Karen H. - My Stitching Treasures Box
Jeannette Douglas Designs
Karen H. - My Stitching Treasures Accessories
Jeannette Douglas Designs
Shelly M. - Agnes Platt Strawberry Sampler
Blackbird Designs
Kim L. - Milady's Necessities Box
Milady's Needle
See if you can figure out how Kim added
her own designer's touch to this piece.
 Valorie R. - Sampler Pomander
C.A. Wells
Valorie R. - Heart Needlepocket
Kim Hollifield
Valorie R. - Lady's Necessaire
The Drawn Thread
Valorie R. - Diminutive Sewing Roll
Catherine Theron
Valorie R. - Scissor Fob
C.A. Wells
Valorie R. - Anniversary Thimble
Designer Unknown
Valorie R. - Safe Keeping Scissor Fob
Shepherd's Bush
 Cyndi S. - Knitted Sweater
Absolutely beautiful!
Jennifer G. - Noel Sampler
With Thy Needle & Thread
Karen H. - Spiral Bracelet
Designer Unknown
Karen H. - Heart Needlepocket
Kim Hollifield
Karen H. - Sampler Name Tag
Karen H.
Karen H. - Peaceful Gatherings
The Scarlett House
Holly L. - Home of a Needleworker
Little House Needlework
Holly stitched this over 
one on 36 count fabric!
Holly L. - For Thee
Hillside Samplings
Ann W. - Garden Variety Long Pocket
Patrick's Woods
Absolutely love this set!

Before you could blink this spring, we were at the April Meeting.  During our meeting, members received the kits for Catherine Theron's Winter Strawberries Sewing Roll Guild Project.  The leader of the SAL went over various aspects of the project as well as the schedule to complete it before the end of the year.  Keep an eye on our Blog as I am sure we will have finished pieces 
before you know it.  

Additionally, during our April meeting, members signed up to exchange a Halloween ornament in October.  Halloween is a favorite time of year in my house, so I am definitely in on this one.  I cannot wait to see the exchange pieces.  Who knows, it may turn 
into an annual exchange.

Show and Tell
Mendie C. - Primavera
Maria Frietas Brazilian Embroidery
This piece is stunning in person!
Robert H. - Aeltie Claes Anno 1673
The Essamplaire
Betty H. - Home
Pineberry Lane
Betty H. - Blackbird Designs Freebie
Blackbird Designs
Shelly M. - Summer Berry Pincushion
Blackbird Designs
The beaded edge is so sweet!
Holly L. - Baby Celebration
Just Nan
Debbie G. - Baroque
Jean Hilton
Lynn M. - Daisy Chain Sewing Folder 
and Scissor Fob
Acorn House Designs
Lynn M. - Beaded Scissor Holder
Cindy Hambrick
Lynn M. - Acorn Etui
Diane Clements
Lynn M. - Primitive Tree
Eye & Eye and Friends
Michelle L. - Faith
Niky's Creations - Just Cross Stitch 
2014 Ornament issue
This is the second time Michelle has stitched this pattern.  This one was finished as a book weight.
Karen H. - 2014 Tudor Rose 
Christmas Ornament
Milady's Needle
Karen H. - Scottish Thistle Needlebook
Designer Unknown
Debbie H. - Thread Keep
Blackbird Designs
Debbie H. - Threadkeep designed 
from elements of 
"His Eye is on the Sparrow"
Judy M. - Texas beaded Name Tag
South Central Region EGA

Now for a treat!  

The following is an antique Norfolk sampler owned by Judy M.  This sampler was stitched by Elizabeth Bensley in 1799!  It is in such wonderful condition. If you will note from the photographs below, it is very similar to the cover sampler on Imitation and Improvement: The Norfolk Sampler Tradition.  That sampler was stitched in 1792, by another stitcher. 

"The year's at the spring, 
And day's at the morn; 
Morning's at seven; 
The hillside's dew-pearled; 
The lark's on the wing; 
The snail's on the thorn; 
God's in his Heaven ~~
All's right with the world!"

~~Robert Browning~~

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