Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Stitching the Summer Away

Wow!  It has been since early May that we had a post.  Time has definitely been flying away for me this summer.  I'd swear we were just starting June and I wake up this morning and its August 2nd.  Well, before any more time passes, let me catch you up on the happenings 
at Tudor Rose Sampler Guild.

As a quick recap, during our May meeting, 
Mendie C. taught the members how to make cording.  Mendie had a great group of samples using a variety of fiber types.  When you expand your thinking beyond simple DMC and look at other fibers, you can make cording that gives your finishing a very unique look.  Additionally, the thickness of your fiber and the number of fiber strands used can help you create thicker cords.  The great thing about knowing how to make cording is you can use colors from your project to add to your finishing components and not have to hunt all over the place for matching trim.

At our June meeting, which I unfortunately missed, Betty H. taught our members how to use coffee or tea for dyeing linen!  I am sure it was quite a treat having dabbled in a little fabric dyeing myself.  Its not a very difficult endeavor and what a way to transform a piece of linen into a one-of-kind piece.

As we always do in July, we took a 
break to enjoy time with our families.

June Show and Tell

Codi M. - Baby Its Cold Outside
Heartstring Samplery

Codi M. - America
Little House Needlework

Codi M. - Toccata No. 3
The Drawn Thread

Codi M. - Tudor Rose Sampler
Chessie & Me
2014 TRSG Spring Workshop

Mendie C. - Sunshine's Valentine
Cheryl Schuler
Brazilian Embroidery

Mendie C. - Windchimes
Brazilian Embroidery

Mendie C. - Window Box
Crabapple Hill Embroidery
Brazilian Embroidery

Cyndi S. - Free Chart
Designer Unknown
This was a challenge with a group of stitchers

Jennifer M. - Antique Pattern Book Bird Design
Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly

Jennifer M. - Autumn Hornbook
Dames of the Needle

Jennifer M. - Early 20th Century Needleroll Reproduction
Taught by Betty H. of TRSG for the 
Dallas Needlework & Textile Guild

Betty H. - Christmas Garden
Blackbird Designs

Sherri H. - Sunflower Punchneedle
Charlotte Dudney
Mounted on a hornbook made by Sherri's husband.

Sherri H. - Save A Pumpkin
Myrtle Grace

Sherri H. - Your Treasure
La-D-Da Designs

1911 King George V Coronation Sampler
Designer Unknown  
Kim L. purchased this 105 year-old English sampler stitched in satin stitch and 
knots using silk thread.   

July Show and Tell

Sharon D. - Girl with Basket
Samplers Remembered - Linda Danielson

Sharon D. - Early 20th Century Needleroll Reproduction
Taught by Betty H. of TRSG for the 
Dallas Needlework & Textile Guild

Judy M. - Amena House 1845
Samplers Remembered - Linda Danielson

Judy M. - Girl with Basket
Samplers Remembered - Linda Danielson

Cyndi S. - Petite Spanish Sampler
Designer Unknown

Mendie C. - Tiny Red Button
Jinx Shearer
Brazilian Embroidery

Pat M. - Ballerinas
Little House Needlework

Kim L. - Ann's Sampler
Threadwork Primitives
Stitched on 50 count linen for 
Gloria M. for her birthday.

Sherry S. - Woodland Cottage
Elizabeth's Designs

Sherry S. - Gather Moments
Shepherd's Bush

Sue S. - 2015 TRSG Christmas Ornament
Cyndi S. and Debbie G.

Sue S. - No Place Like Home
Catherine Theron Designs

Sherri H. - Daisy Daisy
La-D-Da Designs

Robert H. - Sampler Dude and Dames
Milady's Needle

Every day a thread makes a skein in the year. 

~Dutch Proverb~

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