Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Chilly Stitching Weather is Upon Us

Hello all!  Fall is finally hitting North Texas.  Although we had our weekend of erratic weather (ahem 90+ degrees), today is finally feeling like fall.

As you may recall, I was not certain I would have pictures for our September meeting, but an angel took photographs and shared them with me for your viewing pleasure.  Thank you Michelle L.


Sherri H. - Sampler Tool Kit with Scissors and Beaded Fob
Lynette C. - Beaded Name Tag for EGA
National Seminar in Asheville, NC
(Blue Ridge Rendezvous)
Kim L. - Eternal Sleep Threadkeep
Threadwork Primitives 
Finishing by Betty H. 
The wool moon on the back is a
pocket to hold your scissors
Linda C. - Adaptation of "Southern Sampler"
With Thy Needle
Linda C. - Birds of a Feather
With My Needle & Thread
Michelle L. - Cuisine d'Ete
(Michelle has a finish from her MAGIC list)
Michelle L. - Coffee Quaker
Heartstrings Samplery
Michelle L. - Halloween Rules
Milady's Needle (Modified) and
Ghoulies & Ghosties (House)
This is a special block project
that Michelle is creating.
Karen H. - A Little Stitch
Lizzie Kate Designs
Karen - Red, White & Blue
Lizzie Kate Designs
Karen H. - Autumn Cottage
Plum Street Samplers 
(A Colonial Gathering Club piece) 


We also held our October meeting since my last post.  During that meeting, we received our packets for our 2017 TRSG Holiday Blackwork Ornament designed by Debbie G.  Debbie was very thorough with her instructions and will be showing us the finishing steps during our November meeting. 


Codi M. - Bluebird Sampler
Threadwork Primitives
Finishing by Betty H.
Codi M. - All the Pretty Flowers
Heartstring Samplery
(Ladies Prim Society Club piece)
Finished by Betty H.
Codi M. - Bee Joyful Scissor Fob
Shepherd's Bush Designs
Finished by Betty H.

Robert H. - Lievk Martens 1785
The Essamplaire
It is exquisite!
Michelle L. - Salem Remembered
Primitive Needle
Stitched as a SAL for the 325th Anniversary 
of the Salem Witch Trials. 
Michelle's ancester's name is in red.
Karen H. - Thankful
Lizzie Kate Designs
Finishing by Betty H.

Karen H. - O' Christmas Tree
Lizzie Kate Designs
Finishing by Betty H.  
Patti M. - Time to Stitch
Needlework Press
Patti M. - Texas

Mendie C. - Needleroll
Tricia Nyugen
Mendie C. - Needleroll
2017 TRSG Stitchalong using 
Banding and Scrap Threads 
Designed by Debbie G.
Kim L. - Tiny Tidings
Lizzie Kate Designs
Shop model for The Stitch Niche
Jeremy L. - August Peridot Fairy
Mirabilia Designs
Jeremy L. - Eeveeloutions
Designer unknown

Sherry S. - Ode to the Ort Basket
With Thy Needle & Thread
Shelly M. - Lady Liberty
With Thy Needle & Thread
Finishing by Betty H.
Belinda B. - Moondance 
Teresa Kogut
Punchneedle Embroidery
Belinda B. - Fall Festival
Threads that Bind
Punchneedle Embroidery
Belinda B. - Pocketful of Autumn
With Thy Needle & Thread

"Even if something is left undone, 
everyone must take time to sit still 
and watch the leaves turn."
 ~Elizabeth Lawrence~


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Stitching Time Away

Hello all!  I hope you're all finding time to stitch now that Fall has arrived.  The hot temperatures are receding and the colors are starting to pop in the trees (every place in the country except in Texas - where the leaves just drop to the ground all at once it seems).  It has been a couple busy months since our last post.  In August, due to unforeseen circumstances, the subject of the normal meeting had to be moved to September.  However, not to lose a minute of precious stitching time, we turned it into a stitching and gab session to share our current projects as well as our favorite stitching hacks.  We also debuted our 2017 TRSG Christmas Ornament, which will you find below!  

August Show and Tell

Robert H. - Elizabeth Furniss
Hands Across The Sea
Lynn E. - Mexican Stag 
Pincushion and Scissor Fob
Samplers Remembered
Lynn E. - Needlepoint Santa
Melissa Shirley
Stitched on 26 count canvas!
Lynn E. - Turtle Needlebook
Olde Colonial Designs
Cyndi S. - John Foster
Historic Stitches
This piece was charted for two 
colorways, the front (soft muted 
colors) and the back (brighter colors).
Here is a side-by-side comparison 
of the same sampler!
Cyndi (back colorway) and 
Holly's (front colorway)
Mendie C. - Mr. Bloominbonz
Brazilian Embroidery
Mendie C. - Mrs. Bloominbonz
Brazilian Embroidery
Mr. and Mrs. Bloominbonz 
were designed by Mendie C.
Pat M. - I Am Only One
Lizzie Kate
 Pat M. - Tudor Rose Stitch Book and Fob
Chessie & Me 
2014 Tudor Rose Workshop
Codi M. -Spring Flame Pincushion
Heartstring Samplery
Finishing by Betty H.
Codi M. - Minerva Mouse
Just Nan
Finishing by Betty H.
Codi M. - Tudor Rose Stitch Book and Fob
Chessie & Me 
2014 Tudor Rose Workshop
Sharon D. - Good Friends Are Like Angels
Lizzie Kate
Sharon D. - Naughty or Nice
Lizzie Kate
Sharon D. - Beaded Strawberry Thimble Holder
Cindy Hambrick
Absolutely stunning!
Sherri H. - Merry Wind Farm Hornbook
Merry Wind Farm
This is a 2017 TRSG Stitch-A-Along 
using a free pattern from 
Merry Wind Farm.  The hornbooks 
were made by a husband of 
one of our members.  
Sherri H. - Wee Sampler Sewing Book
Catherine Theron Designs
Sherri H. - One Long Panel
Laura J. Perrin
Sherri H. - Tudor Rose Stitch Book and Fob
Chessie & Me 
2014 Tudor Rose Workshop
Lynette C. - Gone Stitchin' Name Tag
2017 Sugarland EGA Seminar
Gloria M. - Without A Mouse
Blackbird Designs
Stitched as a gift for Kim L.
Kim L. - Essamplaire Petite Collection II
With Thy Needle and Thread
Stitched as a birthday present for Debbie H.

Alas, we have reached our final show and 
tell pictures for August - the 2017 TRSG Christmas Ornament!
Debbie G. - 2017 TRSG Christmas Ornament
The biscornu finished ornament was designed 
by Debbie G. features a Blackwork Tudor Rose, 
the Holbein (Double Running) Stitch 
and Double Faggoting.  
It is gorgeous!  
Thank you Debbie for another 
Christmas treasure.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the September Meeting where TRSG Member, Kim L., gave a presentation on the Jane Austin Sampler.  Alas, I have no Show and Tell pictures from the September meeting but during our next meeting if I find out that pictures were taken, I will definitely share.  

As a final announcement, two of our members, Kim L. and Debbie H., have recently purchased the Stitch Niche in Arlington.  I was recently in the store and you should truly stop by to do some shopping, but also to see shop models stitched by members of TRSG.  There are many pieces stitched by Robert H.  All of the pieces on display are truly exquisite. 

I keep my end tables full of needlework and quilting so I don't have to dust them.  
~Author Unknown~