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From a M.A.G.I.C. Act to a Disappearing Act

Hello all!  Wow, my huge apologies.  The last time I posted to the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild Blog, I shared the details of our holiday party and then we held our January meeting at the beginning of 2017.  After that I disappeared like a rabbit in a magician's hat, or to be more exact, my daughter entered the second half of her senior year in high school.  On top of all of the normal senior activities, she's a softball player who was trying to continue her softball career at the college level.  Well, I am happy to report, the talented girl has signed with a college to continue playing and will get a good portion of her tuition paid for her.  To add even more to my plate, her high school softball team has entered their playoff run.  On top of that, my son graduated Air Force Basic Training in March.  So, needless to say, I have been running wickedly crazy for the past few months and will continue to do so through prom and graduation, which are approaching way too fast for me.  However, sanity is beginning to return and I am now able to return to TRSG meetings and, more importantly, 
catch up the Blog!  

First, let me say thank you to Sherry S. for 
taking pictures for me in my absence.  
It is greatly appreciated.  


January Meeting

In January, we shared the completions or progress on our 2016 M.A.G.I.C. (My Annual Good Intentions Contracts).  Our goals are made at the beginning of each year by diving into our stash of UFOs and pulling out projects that were started, but somehow have never been completed.  Throughout the year, we work to complete those projects and fulfill our M.A.G.I.C. goals.  It is a great way to bring out projects long forgotten and cross them off our UFO lists.

January Show and Tell

Cyndi S. - Bless This House
Catherine Theron Designs
SCR-EGA Seminar 2016
Mary W. - Snowflake Mitten
A Collection of Designs
Mary W. - Owl Star Ornament
EyeCandy Needleart
Mary W. - Cardinal Star Ornament
EyeCandy Needleart
Mary W. - Fox Star Ornament
EyeCandy Needleart
Jeannine M. - Cross Stitch Nation
Heartstring Samplery
Jeannine chose her own threads 
for this wonderful piece.
Debbie H. and The Stitch Niche
These ornaments are samples of a limited quantity
ornament club that the Stitch Niche has started. 
The next time you are at The Stitch
Niche check out the newest ornament kits.
Betty H. - Pincushion Fan
Notforgotten Farm

February Meeting

We did something different for our February meeting.  Members brought in their favorite pieces to share and talk about why these pieces were special to them.  It was definitely stitching eye candy for everyone in attendance.  

February Show and Tell

Cyndi S. - Tulip Town
Threads Through Time (Out of Print)
Stitched on 40 ct. gauze
Karen H. - Owl Fob
Fern Ridge Designs
This was a lovely gift for Mary W.
Michelle L. - Mermaid Fraktor
Plum Street Samplers
Stitched on 36 ct. Earthen by Picture
This Plus with the called for threads.
Betty H. - Mustard Seed Manor Sewing Box
Stacy Nash Primitives
Betty's book finish is fantastic.
Betty H. - Sepia Sampler
Notforgotten Farm
Sherry S. - Merry Little Christmas
Shepherd's Bush
I love Sherry's finish in this little red box.
Karen H. - Peppermint Twist Ornament
Cindy Hambrick
Judy M. - The Tudor Rose Sampler
The Proper Stitch by Darlene O'Steen
This was a TRSG Stitch-A-Long that was started 
the year Judy became a member of TRSG.
Shelly M. - Madonna & Child
Gigi R Designs
This piece was framed by The Stitch Niche
Linda C. - Loara Standish Reproduction
Charted by Joanne Harvey
This piece was stitched as a group project with 
the Austin Stitchery Guild in 2003.  The back 
stitching on this piece is just as perfect as 
the front!  It truly is a treasure.
Patti M. - Unknown Design
Unknown Designer
This was the first sampler that 
Patti ever stitched.
Robert H. - Red Deer
Gigi R Designs
Stitched on 46 ct. linen.  Robert converted 
the Red Deer to a Brown Deer.
Robert H. - Ann Maughan 1851
Gigi R Designs
Stitched on 52/60 ct. linen with Tudor Silks
Codi M. - Friends Are Like Bras
Lizzie Kate Designs
Stitched for a very dear friend.

March Meeting

Sorry, we have no show and tell from the March meeting as we held a stash sale.

However, I as mentioned above, my son graduated from Air Force Basic Training, which is held at a base in San Antonio, Texas.  I don't know about you, but whenever I am on a road trip, I always try to find a local stitch store to check out.  Although I have been to San Antonio many times, family and time constraints never made it possible for me to check out this lovely little shop.  This trip, I was able to visit Stitches From The Heart, located at 5123 North Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78249, telephone number: (210) 479-2600.

While I was at Stitches From The Heart, I was able to enhance my stash with new market releases.  Then while checking out, I was struck by a beautiful Heaven and Earth Designs Nativity Scene (that I unfortunately did not photograph) hanging on the wall.  The stitcher of this Nativity Scene allows the shop to hang it throughout the year except during the holiday season.  While telling me about this piece, the shopkeeper pointed out another beautiful piece that the stitcher allows to be hung in the shop.  This piece is definitely up our alley and totally knocked my socks off.
Anita J. - Dutch Beauty
Permin of Copenhagen
I do not know if we will be lucky enough for 
Ms. Anita to be a follower of our Blog and see 
that we are admiring her work, however, if she 
does, I hope she knows, her stitching is wonderful.  
Its my understanding that 
Ms. Anita took this piece with her on 
many trips until it was completed.

As if this piece did not jump at me in the shop, 
just before I started working on this Blog 
post, I saw a member of a Facebook 
sampler page posted a source for purchasing 
the Dutch Beauty kit in case you are 
interested.  The website is: 
Maybe we will get lucky and someone will 
be drawn to stitching this fantastic sampler. 

April Meeting

During our April Meeting, Mary W. treated the members to a presentation on needles.  I truly wish I could have been there for it. 

April Show and Tell

Sherry S. - Liberty Inn
With They Needle and Thread
Doris M. - Ann Maughan 1851
Gigi R Designs
Judy M. - Three beaded holiday napkin rings
Cindy Hambrick
Judy M. - 1837 to 1901 Blue Enamel Sewing Set
Asprey & Co. of London, England
Ms. Judy has such wonderful 
needlework treasures!
It is always a treat when she 
shares a new find with us.
Dana C. - Nine Patch Spring
Pine Mountain Designs
Vicki N. - Sewing Bird Pocket
Blackbird Designs
Lady's Prim Society Piece that was 
released to the public this spring.
Finishing by Betty H.
Mary B. - Garden Journal Baskets
Crabapple Hill Studio
Hand embroidered baskets and machine quilted.


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  1. beautiful work - I always enjoy seeing what Tudor Rose members have been up to. Thanks for posting - always an inspiration - Mel